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ReadyAI is the first comprehensive K-12 AI education company to create a complete program to teach AI and empower students to use AI to change the world.

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

The pandemic has mounted new obstacles to building inclusive and prosperous economies and societies around the world. This is evident in every sector of our community and particularly in K12 education. Pre-existing gender gaps have amplified the crisis asymmetrically between men and women, even as women have been at the frontlines of handling the problem as essential workers. According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) new report, the hardest-hit areas by lockdowns are rapid digitalization and those where women are more frequently employed. …

By Shanshan Jin

What is AGI? AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence. Some people refer to it as “Strong AI” to differentiate it from “Weak AI”. Many people say that we are still decades away from achieving AGI, while some of us are still arguing what it means to be intelligent.

AGI requires a machine or intelligent agent to be capable of understanding or learning any intellectual task that a human being can. If we have a powerful enough machine that could access all the existing knowledge of all human beings, does that make the machine an AGI? Will the machine then acquire consciousness and self-awareness?

Learn more about AI: ReadyAI

The happiest country in the world can teach us a lot about educating our children, artificial intelligence and life!

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, I learned about Finland (the small Nordic country) as the home of Nokia, the mobile phone maker. I’m still in love with Nokia 3360. But lately, Finland is getting attention in different areas; an excellent education system and perhaps the happiest nation on earth. And not because of Nokia!

For the 4th year in a row, Finland topped a list of countries evaluated as the happiest country in the world. In my work at ReadyAI, I have interacted with Finns. …

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

In January 2021, Donald Trump belatedly admitted defeat in the US presidential election. Many news reports asked the key question: whether Mr. Trump’s speech had happened at all.

Today we are witnessing a radical proliferation of deep fakes — online imagery that can get anybody to appear to do or say anything within the boundaries of one’s imagination, cruelty, or cunning — has started to weaken faith in our ability to perceive reality and truth.

What is deepfake?

Deepfake refers to a particular kind of synthetic media where a person in an illustration or video is exchanged…

(Sorry, Game of Thrones fans)

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

I am thrilled to announce that 5 Big Ideas Picture Books are now available in Portuguese and German. Bringing 5 Big IDEAS to around 130 million native German speakers and 250 million Portuguese speakers. This work would not be possible without our friends’ support and hard work in Portugal and Luxembourg (our official collaboration is available on PR Web Press Release), as well as our amazing ReadyAI team.

That’s why we use them to teach about Artificial Intelligence around the world.

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

I believe wholeheartedly in picture books. I don’t think kids or adults outgrow picture books. I hear my friends, who are parents, frequently say with a level of enjoyment and pride: “My kid is now reading independently and no longer needs the crutch of pictures. “

Although I appreciate the parent’s pride, when I hear this, I think to myself, “poor child, and poor mom and dad.” NOBODY moves on from picture books. Nobody should.

AI learning can continue offline with picture books — parents approve!

While the literary world regularly ignores children’s books as…

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

As the US Senator from TX — Ted Cruz’s report of leaving for Cancun, dominated the headlines, I had a Zoom call with Becky — an elementary school teacher near Dallas, Texas. We casually chatted about the extreme weather in Texas and Senator Cruz’s decision to take a short vacation while his state suffered a significant climate crisis. Becky, with anxiety, said: “Rooz, I’m not interested in the politics of climate change; I’m interested in tackling climate change through education and my classroom. Can ReadyAI help?” I replied: “Yes, I mean. No. What I want to say…

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our lives in profound ways. AI is an enabling technology that is impacting everyday devices, products, and means of communications. It provides everything from our cars to cell phones with the capability to interact with the world around them. Although just starting, AI and related technologies are evolving, and they are having lasting impacts on our work, education systems, national and international politics, security, and very lives.

In every city across America and every industry, AI continues to lead and shape existing initiatives and allows new ones…

By Yang Cheng

New lesson plan alert! This week we are releasing a new high school lesson plan on recommender systems. Have you wondered how personalized ads show up on your feed? This lesson will not only dive into the technical details of how recommendations are made, it will also cover the ethics of ad targeting. Students will get a chance to download their own Facebook data and use it to explore recommender systems.

What are recommender systems? The best examples come from Netflix and Spotify. These platforms learn about your preferences about movies or music (either expressed explicitly like…

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

In the past 14 months, COVID-19 has left a mark on countless lives worldwide — disrupting work, schools, travel, health, and well being of billions. Schools and education systems worldwide are striving to understand COVID’s impact better. Pre-pandemic premises and models need to be discarded or renewed, and new paradigms can help us successfully navigate these transitions.

Schools must prepare the next generation as the world of the future is not the world of capitalism; it is the world of talentism. It is a world where capital is being replaced by human talent as the essential factor…

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