ReadyAI is the first comprehensive K-12 AI education company to create a complete program to teach AI and empower students to use AI to change the world.

Giving our children the very pages on which they will author our future

By: Rooz Aliabadi CEO at ReadyAI

Our children have the right to be AI-educated so they can thrive intellectually, emotionally, and morally alongside AI. In the next decade or so, for most children, AI will be their co-workers, drivers, insurance agents, customer service reps, bank tellers, receptionists, radiologists, in short…

By Shanshan Jin

What is AGI? AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence. Some people refer to it as “Strong AI” to differentiate it from “Weak AI”. Many people say that we are still decades away from achieving AGI, while some of us are still arguing what it means to be intelligent.

AGI requires a machine or intelligent agent to be capable of understanding or learning any intellectual task that a human being can. If we have a powerful enough machine that could access all the existing knowledge of all human beings, does that make the machine an AGI? Will the machine then acquire consciousness and self-awareness?

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The happiest country in the world can teach us a lot about educating our children, artificial intelligence and life!

By Roozbeh Aliabadi

When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, I learned about Finland (the small Nordic country) as the home of Nokia, the mobile phone maker. I’m still in love with Nokia 3360. But lately, Finland is getting attention in different areas; an excellent education system…

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